Our Mission

Black Canyon Trail Coalition (BCTC) and its partners provide visitors, students, and residents of all ages and physical abilities a variety of experiences that instill respect, responsibility, and stewardship for the surrounding area’s outstanding cultural, historical, recreation, and environmental offerings.


Your Park Relies on 3 Sources of Funding:

√ Grants from the County and State;

√ Private Businesses help Sponsor Activities;

√ Individual Donors like You!

The Black Canyon Trail Coalition works hard to apply for grants and reach out to community sponsors, and these efforts have paid off.

Individual donations are crucial to the maintenance of the trail and applied towards what the trail users think is important. If you have a certain feature or activity that you’d like to see on the trail, a donation is the quickest and easiest way to make that happen. A donation allows you to make a personal, unique contribution to our community.


 Send a check made out to BCTC to:

Black Canyon Trail Coalition
PO Box 33
Black Canyon City, AZ 85324-0033

Please click the “PayPal” logo below to complete your secure tax-deductible donation with either a credit card or PayPal account. Payment information is encrypted for your protection. This method of payment does not require that you have a Paypal account.

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Thank you for supporting the Black Canyon Trail Coalition!

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Creating an account on iGive.com is simple and free. To sign up, provide your name and email address and then select “Black Canyon Heritage Park” as the organization you would like to support with your online shopping.

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